Fritz Bornstück & Camilla Thorup - TWO HOLES IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, 5 December - 10 January 2008

Galerie Mikael Andersen offers the possibility of getting acquainted with two painters, who finished their education at their respective art academies this year – Thorup in Copenhagen and Bornstück in Berlin.


The anatomy of the double exhibition should be taken seriously and should not be seen as a curated whole. Both artists paint, but that is as far as comparisons go – more or less anyway.


Camilla Thorup paints people. Human beings interacting with each other: they fight, ride on the back, balance, they are close to one another. But the closeness is very much only a physical closeness, whether it is in a fight or someone riding someone else’s back. Because the characters seem rather mechanical and stiff – almost alienated – towards the situation they are in and the people they are with; absent in their presence. Thorup’s works are characterized by a played down and controlled simplicity in their expression that waves back and forth between the sad and the humoristic.


Fritz Bornstück paints everything, and he does it with a wildness and volume. The paintings are loud, they call on the viewer through their expressivity, energy and humour. “Come here you cowardly sculpture,” says a fish with boxing gloves on. Apparently it is ready to pick a fight with a media it regards as competing and maybe also with the passing viewer, who does not dare to make sense of the painting.

Camilla Thorup, The Mountain, 2008, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 cm