Kaspar Bonnén - SCULPTURES ARE THE SHADOWS OF THE SYMBOLS, 26 October - 1 December 2007

Kaspar Bonnén has created a series of paintings, sculptures and installations which in their imaginative and freely devised imagery form a lively and unpredictable universe. Bonnén uses ordinary, perishable materials, and his works therefore often present themselves as fragile, playful and unpretentious. At the exhibition Bonnén presents a series of headless figures. The sculptures can be characterized as open forms, deformed bodies in strong colours with elements growing in all directions – as if they are constantly undergoing a process of transformation and becoming. A similar thematization of the metamorphosis of the human body can be found in the exhibited paintings, in which the human anatomy is explored and challenged, deformed and transformed.


For the current show Kaspar Bonnén has created a striking mise-en-scène of the exhibition space. By painting over parts of the gallery walls in greyish nuances he produces a series of artificial shadow effects that destabilizes the beholder’s perception of space. Our experience of the surrounding space is disturbed as the gallery walls apparently seem to be shifted, displaced and intertwined. What is at stake is a minimal displacement of our usual reading of perspective and scale. But precisely because our habitual perception of space is only slightly altered, the moment of surprise and the renewed attention drawn towards the act of navigating and orienting ourselves in space become all the more striking. In the exhibition it is thus not only the body as artistic motif that is explored by Kaspar Bonnén. It is also the beholders physical presence in space and his/her concrete confrontation with the artwork that is activated and put into play.

Kaspar Bonnén, Please Come, I Am Leaving, 2007, Mixed Media, 212 x 97 cm