Leonard Forslund - Leonard Forslund 99-11, 2011. Texts by Jacob Wamberg and Jörgen Gassilewski. 160 pages. Published by Kunsthal Brænderigården and Kunsthallen Brandts. Price DKK 250,- plus shipment. ISBN: 978-87-90192-69-3.

This catalogue was punlished on the occasion of Leonards Forslund's solo exhibition at Kunsthal Brænderigården and Kunsthallen Brandts 2011 and 2012. The book shows most of Forlund's wrok from 1999-2011.

Leonard Forslund – Jörgen Gassilewski in conversation with Leonard Forslund about painting as conflict and integrity, 1999. Interview with Leonard Forslund by Jörgen Gassilewski in Swedish, Danish and English. 104 pages. Published by Enskededalen and J. Gassilewski. Price DKK 150,- plus shipping. Danish edition: ISBN 87-987215-1-8. Swedish edition: ISBN 91-630-8075-3.








Leonard Forslund – du oss dom jag, 2003. Texts by Frederik Tygstrup, Fred Andersson and Johanne Rosenqvist. With English translations of texts in Swedish and Danish. 67 pages. Published by Lunds Konsthall. Price DKK 120,- plus shipping. ISBN 91-88846-27-X.


This catalogue was published in connection to Leonard Forslund's solo exhibition du os dom jag at Lunds Konsthall.










Leonard Forslund – Drömsplitter, 2014. Texts by Bea Fonnesbech, Carolina Söderholm and Leonard Forslund. With English translations of texts in Swedish and Danish. 32 pages. Published by Galerie Mikael Andersen. Price DKK 50,- plus shipping. No ISBN.