Jesper Christiansen - Københavns Byret

In 2013 Jesper Christiansen created a large decoration at Københavns Byret (Copenhagen City Court) centered around the life of the famous Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard – and Copenhagen, the city that he loved to wander. The decoration consists of a series of paintings titled ”Around Corners with Søren Kierkegaard.” It is both a quirky homage to Copenhagen and a celebration of Kierkegaard's 200th anniversary.


In Jesper Christiansen's paintings the main character is not the philosopher but the city. Towers, squares and buildings seem familiar but something is not quite right. In Jesper Christiansen's paintings the city moves and changes around, almost teasing the viewer. And, if you look closely, you can find Søren Kirkegaard in all the paintings turning a corner somewhere in Copenhagen.

Jesper Christiansen, Ved et torv om morgenen, 2012-13, acrylic, gesso and chalk on linen, 143 x 235 cm