Julia Oschatz

Julia Oschatz’s installations, paintings, drawings and video animations comprise a structure, a temporary environment. Various techniques and approaches come into contact, expanding the relationships between image, film and space.


In her works, a solitary figure is often placed in the central role: a masked yet faceless being carries out experimental, clown-like actions on a real or virtual stage. The actions are performed as if there were no choice in the matter even, or especially when they appear to be flawed, harmful or ridiculous. Masking or obscuring the facial expressions produces a kind of neutrality, a figure not bound to meaning, a projection screen for the viewer.


By revisiting this neutral figure in paintings and drawings, the 1:1 relationship between observer and observed becomes skewed: various map-like scenarios in which the figure is of miniscule importance and practically indiscernible create on the one hand a panoramic view from above, often of devastated, desolate or flooded landscapes suggesting an inhuman, external viewer flying over the scene. On the other hand, the tiny figure confronts the viewer with his/her own human insignificance.


Julia Oschatz (b. 1970) does not consider herself a painter; she adds materials such as matches, branches or soapstone to a surface and binds them together with patches and strokes of colour. A transparent, glossy coat of poured resin is laid like glass over the scenery, freezing and hardening the moment of the catastrophe, capturing it like a documentary and abstracting it poetically.


Julia Oschatz lives and works in Berlin.








Exhibitions in the gallery:



2015 10.04 - 16.05. SIGHT BY SIGHT - solo show (Copenhagen)


2014 02.05 - 11.06. A HEAD AHEAD - solo show (Berlin)


2013 09.11 - 2014 01.02. BATMAN ELEKTRONIK - group show (Berlin)


2013 07.06. - 18.08. ALLES WASSER - group show (Copenhagen) 


2012 25.05 - 25.08. ALLES WASSER - group show (Berlin)


2012 13.01 - 24.02.  ARIAL AREAS - group show (Copenhagen)


2011 28.04 - 18.06. TELESKOPF - solo show (Berlin)


2015 10.04 - 2015 16.05. Julia Oschatz - Sight by sight

2015 10.04 - 2015 16.05. Julia Oschatz - Sight By Sight

Julia Oschatz, Triumph over Death 04, 2014, oil on canvas, 75 x 55 cm