Robert Lucander

Robert Lucanders works varies between the recognizable and the mysterious. In the figurative paintings he uses elements from popular culture and combines the elements in dynamic compositions to such an extent that the work opens itself to several interpretations. These works looks like reminiscent of pop art but Lucanders works is at the same time also very subjective and you can also sense an extra layer of social consciousness in these works.

Lucanders abstract compositions are often made with industrial paint on wood. The combination of industrial paint and wood adds a contrast in the works, which unfolds between the controlled and uncontrolled, and between nature and culture. The paintings thus become a unit between the organic and industrial materials in an aesthetically visual experience


Robert Lucander was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1962. Today he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He graduated from the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin in 1995. He has participated in exhibitions in Europe, Asia and America. He is a professor at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and teaches at the Vienna Akademie der Bildende Art and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.


Exhibitions in the gallery:


2016 07.01 - 20.02. LACK - solo show (Copenhagen)


2014 20.06 - 12.07. SCULPTURES AND WORKS ON PAPER - group show (Berlin)


2013 14.09 - 02.11. ERBEUTET - solo show (Berlin)


2013 24.05 - 31.08. BLUMEN / FLOWERS / BLOMSTER - group show (Berlin)


2013 16.03 - 20.04. INK - solo show (Copenhagen)


2016 07.01 - 2016 20.02. Robert Lucander - LACK

2016 07.01 - 2016 13.02. LACK

Robert Lucander, Weiss, 2015, lacquer on canvas, 40 x 30 cm