Signe Guttormsen

Signe Guttormsen (b. 1964) is in her artistic practice concerned with processes of action. Her works are characterized by visible traces from the processing or the handling of the material. The traces constitute per se an occurrence or a process – as a human action in the world of possibilities. In her work, Guttormsen uses different media. Typically, she uses materials such as wood and aluminium, but also text, photography and light are part of her imagery. As such, she has since the end of the 1980s produced a range of work series very different from each other. However, they are all clearly bound together by the artist’s characteristic approach and method: Imagery as process in the material.


Signe Guttormsen graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy. In 2009 she moved back to Denmark after living and working in Amsterdam, Berlin and Cologne since the beginning of the nineties. Apart from being represented in several museums she has created site specific works such as the roof terrace of Frederic XIII’s Palace at Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen.



Exhibitions in the gallery:


2016 30.9. - 29.10. MOVING THINGS - solo show (Copenhagen)


2013 15.11 - 14.12.  WHERE ARE YOU? - solo show (Copenhagen)


2013 07.06. - 10.08. ALLES WASSER - group show (Copenhagen)


2011 30.10 - 04.11. - ADGANG/ACCESS - solo show (Copenhagen)


2011 17.06 - 60.08- BODY OF MEMORY - A TRIBUTE TO LOUISE BOURGEOIS - group show (Copenhagen)


2010 10.12 - 25.02. SIGNE GUTTORMSEN - GESAMMELTE FOLGEN & JEANETTE MUNDT solo show (Berlin)



2016 30.09 - 2016 29.10. Signe Guttormsen - Moving Things

2016 30.09 - 2016 29.10. Signe Guttormsen - Moving Things

Signe Guttormsen, Everyday Moves III, 2016, acrylic on aluminium, 90 x 72 cm cm