Tom Anholt

British Tom Anholt (b. 1987) creates in his paintings a sense of the mythical and dream-like whilst at the same time anchoring them within a sober, lucid everyday. Art critic and curator Jane Neal says of the artist:


“The world he depicts is often heightened, fantastical even, but it is convincing in its consistency and familiarity. From even the first viewing of his paintings, which range from small, attic window in scale, to large, open vistas, we have the feeling that the figures and scenarios he portrays are already known to us; perhaps just a little too far away on the horizon for us to identify them precisely, but certainly not alien.”



The process of painting for Anholt is one of discovery; with no preconceived plan, the works evolve during the painting process. The result is paintings that contain traces of their production, like scars from a battle. The motifs in Anholt’s work occur during this process, reaffirming the artist’s concern with the physical act of painting. By creating these compelling environments, confined by their existence solely within the painting, Anholt encourages the viewer to be transported into the dreamlike narratives of his painted world.





Exhibitions in the gallery:

2017 27.01 - 11.03. SIXTY (Copenhagen)


2015 09.01 - 10.02. THE ISLANDERS - group show (Copenhagen)


2014 10.01. - 14.02. RAINBOW WALK - solo show (Copenhagen)


2013 07.06. - 10.08. ALLES WASSER - group show (Copenhagen)


2013 23.03. - 11.05. ESKE KATH - BLACKBOARD SUNSET & TOM ANHOLT - MAN MADE (Berlin)


2012 11.12 - 2013 18.01. BILLEDSTORM - group show (Copenhagen)


2012 25.05 - 25.08. ALLES WASSER - group show (Berlin)



Tom Anholt, The Community, 2016, oil on linen collage, 190 x 300 cm